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Why Alpha Xi Delta?

Why Alpha Xi Delta?

Realize Your Potential. Alpha Xi Delta members across the country are called to action by our vision, and you can be too. Your Alpha Xi Delta Sisters will welcome you, support you and encourage you to be your best in every way.

During college, Alpha Xi Delta will be your home away from home and provide you with the inspiration you need to excel. Our Sisterhood will help you explore your strengths and expand your horizons while enabling you to serve your community, learn life lessons not taught in the classroom, enjoy social events and build genuine, life-long friendships.

After graduation, you can rely on your Alpha Xi Delta affiliation with bold and talented women to help you transition into the “real world” – start your career start your family, start another chapter in your life!

Alpha Xi Delta is inspiration. Find out how we will inspire you!


Dear Potential New Member, 

I would like to welcome you to the Alpha Eta Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at Purdue University. I am currently serving as Chapter President and can't wait to tell you more about our sisterhood!

Life as an Alpha Xi Delta has been a tremendous experience for me. I am originally from Brazil but live in California, and since Purdue was so far from home, I was looking for my home away from home. Before going to Purdue I had never heard of the organization and didn't know much about it until after going through recruitment. Alpha Xi Delta consistently stood out to be a nice, genuine group of girls that may not necessarily fit the mold as to what I thought of the typical "sorority girl" was. I felt as if I could truly be myself, and the more I opened up, the more I gained from being a sister. Girls in my chapter push me to be the best version of myself and motivate me to keep going when times are hard. I have learned so much about myself as well as others and strive to "realize my potential". I have met some of my best friends and will forever cherish my memories of living in the Xi house.

Our house is always filled with so much laughter and love for each other. Daily, sisters will be going on Starbucks/Dunkin' runs, watching movies in our basement, doing creative artwork projects, and just hanging out with each other. Women in our chapter are also very dedicated to academics, and it shows . We are also able to come together when times are difficult and lean on each other when going through tough situations. I know that I will never be alone, knowing this was the place for me to be. Our sisters strive to be leaders in our organization and others, participate in club sports, are involved with research, and work for very prestigious companies during summers and throughout the school year. 

Our organization is also very passionate about our national partnership with Autism Speaks. There are many people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and we strive to advocate, fundraise and serve them. Annually we host our football frenxi tournament (flag football game between other organizations on campus), paint wars (paint dodgeball tournament between campus organizations) as well as Xi Karaoke, where contestants sing to the song of their choosing. Through these events as well as individual fundraising, Alpha Eta is proud to have a goal of over $17,000 dollars to donate towards Autism Speaks. During world autism month in April, we wear blue to show our support as well as individually fundraise as a chapter.

When we are not volunteering or raising money for Autism Speaks, our sisters are very active in our organization. With social events, sisterhood retreat and events, formal and spontaneous dances, Big sister and Little sister dates, there is always something to do! Our sisters are also very passionate about Purdue sports, and we love going to Basketball and Football games together. 

It has truly been an honor to serve as the Chapter President of Alpha Xi Delta here at Purdue. I hope that this letter helps give a little insight on what being an Alpha Xi Delta would be like. I have grown so much and will forever be grateful for the friendships and experiences the Alpha Eta chapter has given me. Please feel free to look around our website, instagram (@purduealphaxi) and youtube channel (purdue alpha xi delta) to see more of what we do! I hope you find a sisterhood that gives you all of what Alpha Xi has given me.  


Daphne Peter
Chapter President 2020