Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Eta at Purdue University


    In Alpha Xi Delta, we encourage all of our members to realize their potential through strong academics. We take pride in our sisters' academic accomplishments and as a chapter consistently earn an average GPA well above the Purdue All-Women's average.

   In order to encourage our members to keep up with their academics, all of our sisters are required to complete a set amount of quiet study hours, held either at our chapter house or a nearby campus library. We also set aside a portion of our chapter budget each semester to help reimburse members for tutoring sessions.

   To reward our sisters for their academic success, we frequently give out small prizes for earning As on exams or papers, or treat members who have perfect attendance at all their classes. We have a program called "Battle of the SmartXi's" where the team with the most points for various academic successes get rewarded each week! We also keep a library full of class notes and exams to use as a study guide from sisters who have done well in their classes. Our house library is always quiet and a perfect place to study!